Managed Care Services

US Drug And Device Register, Inc. is committed not only to providing the best interface between the pharmacy, retail, and third party payors for our clientele, but also to assisting clients in developing Managed Care acumen through our signature training services. We have developed a "curriculum” which addresses the needs of each division of client corporations, including Executive/Management level, Internal/External Sales Force level, and Customer Service level programs. Each training session, or inservice, is tailored directly to address the needs and challenges of the client.

Managed Care Contracting

In addition to networking, government registration and customized client training, US Drug And Device Register, Inc. provides Managed Care Contracting services. Based on the needs of the customer, our firm can represent and negotiate contracting on your behalf in the following arenas:
  • Disease State Management
  • Closed-End Drug Formularies
  • Medical Devices
  • Ancillary Contracting Services

Our Philosophy

Having recognized a fundamental disconnect between drug and device manufacturers/distributors, retail pharmacies, national medical databases, and managed care formularies, US Drug And Device Register, Inc. was created to function as a liaison between these disparate entities. READ MORE